MINU PTE.LTD is a dynamic technology company dedicated to creating innovative solutions that enhance the way people connect and interact. With a track record of success, including the widely acclaimed Couplesy app, MINU PTE.LTD continues to push boundaries in the digital space, bringing people together through technology.

Why "Famhub"?

The name "Famhub" combines the words "Fam" (short form of "Family") and "Hub" (meaning center, gathering point), creating an idea of a place where family members can interact and connect to each orther from apart.


"Famhub" evoke warmth, familarity and the importance of family, while creating a sense of focus and conveying information easily and conveniently. From sharing memories photos, creating reminders to spending time together, we want to keep the family's distance closer, create a space for all members can share movie, songs, books and more. For whom are living from their parents, friends and relatives, now your homesick can not be that hard anymore.

Our Vision

Our vision is driven by leveraging cutting-edge technological advancements, with a primary focus on optimizing mobile applications. We aspire to craft applications that not only stand out in terms of utility but also deliver enduring value to users. Acknowledging the essential facets of communication, interaction, and the reinforcement of familial ties, we proudly introduce Famhub as an exceptionally convenient solution designed for every family.


Famhub seamlessly merges the warmth of family intimacy with the efficiency, accuracy, and comprehension afforded by the latest in technological prowess. By harmonizing these elements, we align with the forefront of innovation, aiming to redefine user experiences. Famhub stands as a testament to our commitment to providing users with a comprehensive and forward-thinking solution that transcends expectations.

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